More Chinese students are returning home after studying overseas, largely because of the difficulty in finding a suitable partner, the Yangcheng Evening News reported on Sunday.

  Of those who return, nearly 60 percent are women.

  Chinas Ministry of Education released a report saying that 79.87 percent of Chinese students studying abroad chose to return to China to continue their careers in 2023. Statistics show that 59.16 percent of female overseas returnees come home after finishing their studies, surpassing the number of their male counterparts.

  The reason is mainly because it is relatively difficult to find a marriage partner in a foreign country.

  Blind dates have become increasingly popular among overseas returnees, and job fairs this spring season plan to organize match-making events with dating agencies to help returnees, the report said.

  The number of students coming home to work has risen sharply in recent years due to the unprecedented opportunities and favorable development environment in China, said Qi Mo, director of the Overseas Returnee Department at the Ministry of Education Service Center.

  Furthermore, the report shows that for Chinese overseas students abroad, Britain, America, Australia, Korea, Japan, France, and Germany are the top destinations.

  More and more Chinese students are choosing the U.S. for doctorate degrees in engineering and medical science, which require highly technical knowledge; meanwhile other overseas students prefer to go to Britain for masters degrees in economics and management, it was added.

  In addition, 49.34 percent of overseas returnees choose to work in first-tier cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, a decrease of eight percent compared with the previous year.

  Overseas returnees entering the job market this year are distressed by low salaries, where the salaries of graduates with doctorate degrees average around 5,000 yuan ($767) to 10,000 yuan a month; and nearly 50 percent of students with masters degrees earns less than 5,000 yuan, according to the report


Nowadays,many students went abroad to study.

Here are the disadvantages of going abroad.Firstly,students will be confronted with so many psychological problems.They often feel lonely and helpless in a new environment.Furthermore,the tuition is very high,which is a very heavy financial burden to the average people.

But we also have many advantages of going abroad.It widens students' knowledge and horizons,and meanwhile cultivates their independence and personalities.And studying abroad can provide a good language environment to students and make it easy to pick up a language.Foreign language is a tool employed to communicate with each other.It can remove language barrier and make international cooperation much easier.

All in all,the advantages of studying abroad outweigh the disadvantages greatly.Going abroad,we can learn a lot.It is a good opportunity to enrich ourselves.


  Overseas studying

  In recent year,overseas studying is very popular. More and more people go abroad in order to studying.

  Different people have different idears on this phenomenon.Some people think that it is no neccersary,beacause they think that the knowledge in motherland is enough.However,other people approve of overseas studying.They think it is helpful to improve themselves in learning and working.

  In my opinion,it is beneficial.First,it provides many chances for people who want to make progress;second,it is a mind-exparding experience,people who went abroad can obtain the culture,customs and so on;third,facing with the vocational pressure nowdays.It is very important chances to overseas studying .

  So ,I think overseas studying is very important to everyone.


Dear XXX: How is everything going!I miss you and my classmates very much.I arived at the new school before two weeks. I was excited when I get there soon.The new school is bigger the us.I can study well in it.However,I had some proplems.First,the road not clean.And the food is as not tasty as us.What's more,the new classmates seem are not like me.Can you tell me what should I do? Yours, XXX


When you choose to study abroad, you are making an investment for your future. You will be looing for a qualification that will encance your career prospects, and a word-class international university will support you in your studies.You will be taught by experts in each subject, with national and international research reputations so you will benefit from the latest thinking in all subject areas.Is this what you want?








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